Lions and Tigers and Bears Okayyyy!

by: Allyson Beetham

If you live in North Carolina and love seeing animals, then you’ve heard of the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro North Carolina. For the same price it costs to go to your typical zoo you can attend North Carolina’s hidden magical land of Tiger World. This place is no ordinary animal exhibit. Tiger World is a non profit charity that has come a long way since it was reopened as “Tiger World” after the original zoo went down hill due to some unfortunate and illegal activities. The company was bought by a local family who puts endless effort into taking care of the animals there now, making sure that they are at their healthiest and happiness.

What kind of animals will you see at Tiger World? Like the beautiful Tiger you see above, there are several tigers. There are also lions, bears, monkeys, kangaroos and more! There are even two ligers (lion + tiger), and yes I got right into my Napoleon Dynamite voice when I approached the fence.


At Tiger World there are animals from all over the globe. There are animals from Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America. The list below shows you exactly what animals they have and if they are endangered (EN) or extinct (EX). Many of these animals are rescues from these countries. All animals at Tiger World are treated with top care. They even have a space away from the public where animals who are too traumatized by their pasts can live and grow in peace. This shows how Tiger World’s goal is to put the conservation of the animals first, regardless of profit.

What separates Tiger World from other zoos I’ve been to across the east coast is the heart that the staff put into taking care of these animals and the atmosphere you get as soon as you walk on to the property. When you enter the parking space, you’ll see a grass lot. Before you purchase your entrance into the park you’re welcomed by a large male Tiger. Avoiding the Peacock by the front door of the small cabin, you’ll enter into the gift shop. After you exit, you’ll be free to wonder as you please. Every step will bring you to a new continent where you’ll be up close and personal with your favorite animals. Tiger World allows you to get closer to the animals than any zoo I’ve been to. So close, that you may even be able to snap a photo with your favorite tiger’s piercing eyes. πŸ˜‰

If you’re at the park during feeding time, you’re in for an exciting experience. Unlike many zoos that herd the animals in the back to their cages to feed, Tiger World allows all guests to know when feeding time is so that they can experience the excitement. The animals will start to go crazy when the red truck starts to make its way around the trails from fence to fence. This particular tiger was pacing back and forth and letting out a fierce growl that both scared and excited the small boys standing by the lock in the fence beside me. One guest even got to feed another tiger with raw meat on a metal rod. The park staff really go out of their way to include guests in the experience of taking care of these endangered and extinct animals.

The goal of Tiger World is to promote education to the public, preservation of endangered species , and protection to the animals they currently have in their care. I loved it so much that I plan on going back and volunteering soon. It’s a great place to go for date day or a family outing, especially because they allow you to bring your own food into the park. So, take your significant other or significant fam and take a trip to Tiger World.

Keep an eye out for the Tiger World Vlog that will be up on my Vlog Channel!



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