What to do when you’ve: Lost an Hour of Sleep & an Inch of Snow

Everyone in the Charlotte area has to deal with some very serious losses as we  begin our work week. If you aren’t aware, this weekend was Daylight Savings and we lost an hour of precious sleep. In addition a quick and small snow occurred. It’s Monday and we’re all even more exhausted than usual. So what can the working people of CLT do to take on this Monday?

1) Plan to catch up!

Going into this dreadful day won’t be as bad if you know you’ll be hitting the Zzzz’s later on tonight. Head home after work, move your evening plans for another day.If you don’t have time to catch up, see tip #2!

2) Pour it up!

Caffeine addiction is a thing, but falling asleep at your desk is a no-no! Increase your caffeine intake for the day. If you’re not a coffee person, have a cup of hot tea. It’ll help wake you up and warm you up. Although the snow is gone, we still have freezing temperatures in Charlotte this morning. So grab some tea bags and honey and start sipping!

3)  Turn it up!

Listen to some light music at your desk from time to time. The Coffee Shop station on Pandora Radio is a must when you want to relax. If you’re a Spotify type of person, the Ed Sheeran album is out and ready for your earbuds. Playing music at work will lift your mood and give you a taste of the weekend. (Only 4 more days until the next!)

4) Wash up!

Studies show that  missing just one hour of sleep affects your immune system. Research was led by Dr. Nathaniel Watson, co-director of the UW Medicine Sleep Center at Harborview Medical Center, who studied identical twins. It was found that the twin who consistently slept only an hour less a night than their twin showed disruptions in genes that govern their immune system.  Blood samples taken from the twins showed that genes involved in the immune response, which alert cells to an infection and activate them to fight it, were turned down in the twins who regularly slept about an hour less. Genes that are turned down function less or with less efficiency.

So wash those hands and increase your vitamin C!

What can we do about the fact that we got snow for a few hours and it’s nowhere to be seen? Well, you’re just going to have to cope and wait until the next cold chill. For everyone who is completely thrilled that the snow didn’t stick, summer is just around the corner!



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