International Day of Happiness: How to Spread your Happy

Around the world, people everywhere are celebrating March 20th, the International Day of Happiness.

Here you’ll find the 7 ways you can be more happy, according to The Evening Standard. Building relationships, mindfulness, and nutrition are a few suggested ways that you can be more happy.

USA Today gives 5 tips on how you can spread happiness by showing what’s happening all around the world in places like: London, Australia, and Washington D.C. Activities consist of things like Free Hugs and Making a Pledge to Spread Happiness.

International Day of Happiness is making a movement of kindness out of this day, with the slogan “Let’s create a happier world together”.

What is important to remember when reading all of the tips and “how to” articles you read online is that there is no right way to experience happiness. There is no all-knowing read about what you can do to make this day the happiest one yet, but these articles have something in common. The tips you’ll read here are centered around people and your relationship to others. Material things are not found in any of these suggestion articles about today, and that is because you cannot extract true happiness from objects.

Celebrating today can be as deep as recognizing all of the blessings you have in your life individually or as simple as going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your most prized appetizer. This day can be spend however you want it to, but why not spend it helping others and connecting with the people around you.

To me, the International Day of Happiness is about what’s real in our lives. It’s a day to reflect on the people we see every day, and the people we don’t get to see enough. It’s about free hugs and signing up to volunteer even though you’re pretty busy this month. It’s about creating happiness in the lives of others, in order to create a happier world for us all.

So I’ll celebrate today by purchasing my favorite snack, calling my mother, and pledging to spread happiness. You can take the pledge here or take your own personal pledge. The most important thing about today is that it’s  a day all over the world people are celebrating the happiness in their lives, or the happiness they’re searching for. Take today to reflect, to celebrate, and to think of happiness in a universal way. In a world where only some are happy, spread your happiness and share it with others. It’s the International Day of Happiness and in America, the first day of spring. So what more of an excuse could you have to make today a day of happiness for you and the people around you?





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