You’re Invited: Charlotte Community ToolBank’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

Today from 4-7 pm Charlotte Community ToolBank is having an open house to celebrate their 5 year anniversary of helping charitable communities in the Charlotte area, and you’re invited! Charlotte Community ToolBank has provided over 3.2 million dollars in tools and special event equipment to local charitable organizations. Tonight’s open house is to celebrate 5 years of work that could only be done with the help of the community members, donors, and support.

What will this evening be like?

At tonight’s open house you’ll be able to come mingle with members at the Charlotte Community ToolBank warehouse, view all of the tools available to be lent out, and enjoy food & beverages! A ToolBank tool will also be retired this evening after years of use.

How does the Tool Lending Program work?

The heart of this organization is the Tool Lending Program. Borrowing ToolBank tools is inexpensive and extremely convenient. The goal of this program is to maximize the organization’s member agencies ability to improve community engagement and to achieve greater impact for those they serve.

In order to qualify your organization must be a: Nonprofit/Charitable/Tax exempt organization, School or PTAs/PTOs, Neighborhood association, Faith-based group, civic organization, or government agency.

How to Borrow tools:

  1. Become a ToolBank Member Agency: Complete a brief online membership application for free!
  2. Submit a Tool Order: Log in to your account
  3. Pick Up Tools: Schedule a Pickup Time!
  4. Return Tools: Staff checks tools back in

Click here to view information on costs and fees!


Everyone is invited to attend tonight’s open house. Whether you are a member, donor, or just interested in learning about Charlotte Community ToolBank, register for the event click here!




Charlotte ToolBank info: 2512 S. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28203

Phone 704.469.5800



Registration URL:



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