Louella Reese: Feminine, Stylish, Personal

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When she’s not attending the latest fashion shows in Charlotte or bike riding around the city, Laura Leigh is submerged in her blog Louella Reese. Originally starting off as solely fashion blog, Louella Reese has now transformed into a place where you can come to for fashion inspiration, sweet treat recipes, home decor, and even a bit of travel!


What drives Louella Reese is Laura’s desire to create a space where women can come to for inspiration for almost all aspects of their life. With blog topics like, “Best Restaurants in Charlotte“, “Must Have Bras for Every Gal“, “Flavors of Italy at the Fresh Market“, and “The Louella List: Spring Jeans“. It is easy to see how Louella Reese is the website to find a little bit of everything for women in Charlotte. View More: http://backseatphotography.pass.us/louellareese0308


Laura finds passion in her readers. “What drives me to share what I do with my audience is their responses, their feedback. More than anything, I love receiving emails, comments, and direct messages. The best is seeing them out and about and hearing how much they loved a recent post!” says Laura.

So if you happen to  see Laura roaming around her favorite restaurants in Charlotte or the Fresh Market, feel free to introduce yourself!


Laura started Louella Reese when she needed a creative outlet. As a pharmaceutical rep, Laura was bored in her position and wasn’t feeling challenged. Blogging gave Laura her passion and creativity back, and that definitely shows in her blog posts, in her photos, and even her website design.

Outside of Blogging

In Laura’s free time she loves to attend fashion shows, spend time with her husband, and explore Charlotte. Trying out different restaurants, activities, and events around Charlotte is something she does frequently.  Laura also enjoys working out! “Lately, we’ve gotten into taking bike rides around our new neighborhood and surrounding area”, Laura told CLT Tales. Might we see a fitness section of Louella Reese in the future? (Fingers crossed)

According to Laura, the best fashion show she’s been to this month was at Talbots. With an informative show, amazing hosts, and the sweetest staff, a future Talbots fashion show is something to keep an eye out for the next time it happens in Charlotte!

The Future of Louella Reeselouella reese summer outfit.JPG

Although there are already tons of topics on Louella Reese, Laura wants to expand. “I’d like to continue to grow the home decor section of my blog and work with more home decor companies to expand my knowledge in that department”, says Leigh. Laura wants to learn as much as she can and be more of an inspiration to readers in that department.

Right now Laura is super excited for a big series she is starting on Louella Reese titled, “Louella Reese Home” and we are too! This series will cover a complete room make over of her large living room and dining room space. She recently partnered up with an interior designer out of Washington D.C. as well as a couple of companies. With Laura’s eye for the aesthetically pleasing and passion for sharing it, her home decor series will be nothing short of amazing!

Check out Louella Reese and get inspired! You can also find Laura Leigh on: FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and BlogLovin!

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Feminine, Stylish, Personal

louella title


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