Neicy’s Place: African Inspired Jewelry with Purpose

Neicys placeNeicy’s Place is a Jewelry Company that specializes in making handmade African Inspired Jewelry. Most of the jewelry pieces are earrings that have an African Flare. Right now the focus of inspiration for the jewelry pieces is down to the Americas and the Caribbean islands.

Thoughtful Crafting

The owner of Neicy’s Place is Perneice Mendez in Charlotte, NC. Perneice makes all of the Jewelry for Neicy’s Place by hand. However, the process of creation doesn’t start with making the jewelry. First, great research is done on the history and culture of the country the earrings are inspired by.  Perneice started off making jewelry from every country where there is an African presence and painting that flag on to the earrings by hand. Other pieces of jewelry that are African inspired include bongo drums or hair combs earrings. Featured in the image above is Perneice’s work station and jewelry case that she made as well. This case has carrying handles, tri-folds, and closes and locks for a quick and simple set up.


D2290754-41E8-434C-8FA2-56BA3C48F6CFWith the goal of the company to spread historical knowledge and give pride to the African Presence in every country throughout the African Diaspora. “I want to create jewelry for the individual that creates that spark between them and their African history,” Perneice says. The Jewelry from Neicy’s Place is made of beautiful pieces with historical meaning. What better way to give customers back their pride of their African history than to do it with something they can wear?



Where it all began25DD5325-48B8-4296-87A5-6EA1401A886E

In 2012 Perneice experienced the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally and wrongfully shot and murdered Trayvon Martin. Devastated, she wanted to figure out where the hate toward the African community began. “That struck something in me. I needed to understand why,” Perneice says. Shortly after, Perneice enrolled back in school and has submerged herself in African and African American history.


Facing Adversity in Research

Neicy’s Place is based off of African history, but according to Perneice, there is a serious lack of it available to her now and when she was growing up. “None of us really know our African history, because the schools don’t teach that. So you have to really dig for it.” Perneice discussed a quote by George W.F. Hegel, a German Philosopher who greatly shaped the ideals of the early presidents which reads, “This is the land where men are children, a land lying between the daylight of self-conscious history, enveloped in the black color of night.  At this point, let us forget Africa not to mention it again.  For Africa is no historical part of the world.” The only history learned about in grade schools is through one lense of slavery and nothing more. What Perneice has learned in her African history studies is that the lack of African history found in schools and made available to us on the internet is purposeful and not by coincidence.

The Future of Neicy’s Place

Right now Neicy’s Place specializes in jewelry, with a strong concentration in earrings. Currently there are t-shirts being designed as well that will give you the same African pride that all of Neicy’s Place pieces can give. As always you can expect new jewelry pieces with inspired by new countries!

Must have Pieces: According to Perneice!

When asked about her favorite pieces right now Perneice described three, “Definitely the Congo drums, African continent, and the 45 disk adapter used for the 45 record player. I chose the disk adapter, because I believe that music connects us all. ”

Shop Neicy’s Place!

Now that you’ve learned all about what purpose Neicy’s Place exists to serve and the passion behind the creator of Neicy’s Place: shop shop shop! You can view pieces here at or on Facebook! You may also see Neicy’s Place set up at local events in Charlotte, and these dates will be share through the Neicy’s Place Facebook! 

Don’t forget to add Neicy’s Place on Instagram to stay up to date on new pieces and collections with the handle: @neicysplace



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