Style 512: Combining Fashion and History

Style 512

Stacy Sneed, founder and managing director of 512 Public Relations Agency began her blog Style 512 to give her customers an outlet to get to know her better. Stacy is not only an experienced public relations professional; she’s also a seriously talented writer and true fashionista.

So what is Style 512 about?stacey example

Style 512 is a place where fashion and history collide. It lets you into the origins of trends and attire; and features street style fashionistas from across the globe. These hand-picked fashionistas from around the world share what inspires their wardrobes and how their lives revolutionize their style. In addition there are blog posts about body positivity and fashion and career tips.

Why Style 512 began

whyu weWhen asked about why Stacy is so passionate about the Style 512 she stated, “It’s mostly about the education of it all. I felt like I couldn’t be the only one curious about why we wear black to funerals or how jewelry came to be or even why people wear white for Easter, so I just went with it – crossing my fingers along the way. When my curiosity strikes, I just write.”stacey

Although Style 512 began as a way to build the relationship between herself and her clients, blogging was also a stress-reliever for Stacy. Writing is something Stacy has always loved to do, and she even worked as a print journalist for years. “I guess it’s a way for me to stay in touch with my roots,” Stacy says. Working in public relations since around 2008, Stacy never seemed to have the time to write anything other than the press release she had to write at work. With starting her business 512 Public Relations Agency, she now has the flexibility to make time to write.


Why Stacy is a true fashionista

stacey snStacy has worked with some of the leading fashion houses across the world. She worked in public relations for luxury fashion retailer Harvey Nichols in London; high-street fashion brand New Look in London and Paris, and for the international brand Swatch Group, managing public relations for prestige watch and jewelry brands including Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz and Tiffany & Co. She also managed public relations for the Tourbillion boutiques in New York City, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and South Coast Plaza in Southern California, in addition to overseeing public relations for Breguet and Blancpain U.S. store locations.

It is obvious that Stacy has experience in the world of fashion, but what truly makes her a fashionista is her passion for fashion itself. Although Stacy has loved fashion for as long as she can remember, she truly started appreciating it when she started working in fashion public relations in London, England. “I interned for Harvey Nichols luxury fashion retailer (it’s considered as an equivalent to Bergdorf Goodman in New York City) and on my first day I was separating luxury items after a recent fashion show, sending them back to places like THE ROW and Proenza Schouler. I could have spent all day in that fashion closet and I was so content in doing so; that’s when I knew for sure that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion public relations,” Stacy told us.

What posts can you see on Style 512 this month?

Stacy’s favorite blog topic to write about is the history of fashion. This month there will be two blog posts publishing on Style 512: “Exploring Easter Sunday Attire — White Shoes and Beyond”and a new street style feature this month. “Exploring Easter Sunday Attire —White Shoes and Beyond” will be about the history of Easter Sunday fashion.

Your next step

If you’re as eager as I am to read Style 512’s blog about the history of Easter, know that there are plenty of other blog topics to hold you over until the post drops! You can subscribe to Style 512 by going to the Style 512 website, clicking on any of the blogs, and scrolling to the bottom of the screen! Updates about blog posts are also shared on the 512 Public Relations Agency Instagram account here! You can count on Style 512 to be engaging, interesting, and centered around fashion.



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