Chad’s Rad Blog: Charlotte’s Curated Gentlemen

chadChad’s Rad Blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog that gives readers fashion tips, exposure to new fashion trends and how to style them, and some lifestyle topics from stylist and men’s fashion connoisseur Chad Whittington. Chad describes his style as curated gentlemen, a mix of dress wear and street style that is unique to him. His travels around the world touring with bands as band manager paired with his childhood experiences are just a few reasons why Chad’s style is so unique and diverse.


unnamed (16)Aside from his love for fashion, Chad utilizes style and fashion to show people in the Charlotte area that there is more to Charlotte fashion than plain suits. His style of pairing suits with items of clothing typically not found in the bustle of uptown Charlotte’s day to day khaki and checkered top fashion is what keeps his blog followers so focused on what he’ll wear next.

When Fashion began to mean something

Chad attributes a lot of his love for fashion to his mom, “My mother and aunt would go shopping every Saturday for hours. When my mother would leave that’s when my dad would ask me to go out in the yard to do yard work. Eventually I started asking my mom if I could come shopping with her,” Chad Joked. “Soon it became a bonding experience between my mother and I.”

unnamed (28)Fashion is something that began to speak to Chad at an early age. “Even working at the only Starbucks in my town in high school, I began to notice that people from all walks of life came into the store. I found myself looking at the clothing people wore. I was able to see how the same item of clothing could be worn in multiple ways and the wide range of things people can wear for almost any job,” Chad told us.
Where Styling began
Chad worked as a band manager for many well known bands and traveled with them around the world. Eventually Chad offered to style some of them, since he noticed that was something needed for many of the bands. Some of the bands Chad has toured with are: A Day to Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, Dance Gavin Dance, and Pierce the Veil.
Chad went on to work in several retail stores, including J.Crew. The experience of getting hired was a memorable one as Chad explained, “When I went into J.Crew at South Park to apply for a management position, the lady asked me what I was wearing. We talked about clothing for awhile, and I was able to name a couple that she didn’t know. I told her the entire story behind the brand as well. Immediately she asked me if I wanted to be a stylist for J.Crew and hiregoodbyed me on the spot. “
Many of Chad’s experiences that led him to where he is now have been positive, but some came from dark times. After his grandfather passed, Chad was working and living in Sarasota Florida. He received a call from his mother that she was divorcing his father due to his alcoholism and depression. Chad traveled back to Charlotte and later started touring with bands again after his father passed away. You can see it on the ink on his body and in the clothing he sports. You can even see it in the way he carries himself and how he chooses to be photographed. Chad has been shaped by all of the things he’s been through in his life, both bad and good. Unlike many other fashion bloggers you’ll see, Chad has raw character and is unapologetically himself whether you are meeting him at a local Charlotte event or reading his blog.
How the Chad Whittington blog came to be
unnamed (25)After working in a few office jobs, retail jobs, and serving jobs, Chad decided he wanted to start a blog. He realized the cubicle life wasn’t for him and that he would enjoy creating a blog of his own. Chad already had experience in blogging about fashion with his contributing to blogs like J.Crew blog and the Charlotte Agenda. He realized he was contributing so much to these other fashion blogs that he decided to do his own thing. “I decided to take my degree in Graphic Design and Photography, my management and project management skills, and my retail experience and start a blog of my own,” Chad told us.IMG_0138

Chad now has the position of GQ Insider Contributor writing
for GQ Magazine, which gave Chad a lot of brand recognition once the posts that gave him credit launched. Chad’s blog and following on his social media accounts has grown immensely in the past year, and it seems to only be increasing.


unnamed (14)The drive Chad has in continuing his blog comes from his readers and his sponsors. “My favorite thing about my blog is the local engagement. I enjoy walking around and people yelling out Hey! Chad Is Rad or people stopping me at an event I’m working at. I think it’s kinda cool,” Chad told us.

Brand recognition is another reason Chad loves his blog presence. Top brands like Fossil and Forever 21 constantly send Chad things to style for them and share on his social media and blog. Although Chad realizes that many people receive these sponsoring packages, he also understands that he was chosen for a reason, “Something somewhere caught there eye for them to start sending me clothing and watches to style, and something I’m doing with the stuff they’re sending me keeps the boxes of clothes coming from them as frequent as every week”. Chad has a knack for pairing items of clothing together in a way that nobody else would think of.  His way of taking an item of clothing and showing its versatility is something you’ll find in every outfit he styles. In the photo below, Chad is wearing a wool/cashmere blend topcoat from the Michael Kors collection and giving you a completely different way to rock it than what you may imagine when you see it on the rack.

What places to recommend for local men shopping for fashionable clothes on a budget?

548502_223441381103336_1991139237_nRat’s Nest in Noda is a place I usually go and you should check out. It has a lot of vintage pieces to use in today’s fashion. There are boots, hats, band shirts, biker shirts, and so much more. I also like to shop at Value Village because it is usually size and color coordinated. “The black and white colored items I usually hunt for when thrifting are really easy to find in stores like this. Salvation Army is another place that tries to color coordinate their clothes.”

If you’re looking for a suit on a budget, Chad recommends H&M or Nordstrom rack. also has a few for super cheap prices, but spending less money on  a suit means you’ll have to spend money to get it tailored! #TipsFromChad


Blog Posts coming out this month!unnamed (21)

This Saturday Chad is collaborating with the Charlotte Checkers Hockey team. Nike SB partnered with Brian Anderson, the first professional skateboarder to come out as being gay. Since Brian’s always been lanky and tall the only thing that fit him was a hockey jersey, which is what he always wore. They collaborated and made a Nike SB line including a hockey jersey which Chad styled on the ice. When Charlotte Checkers PR saw this, they reached out to him to collaborate for this Saturday’s game, where Chad will be offering a discounted ticket price! To find out more about getting a discounted ticket price, view the Chad Is Rad blog!

In addition Chad has some photo shoots coming up that will definitely be posted on his blog. As a brand ambassador for Ole Mason Jar custom suiting company, Chad will be doing a spring and summer shoot. “With suits I like to show the versatility of all you can do  with it. I can dress it up or dress it down with a pair of white chucks,” Chad says. Fear of God is a clothing company collaborating with Pacsun that Chad will also be doing a shoot for.

Keep up with Chad

Obviously you should be viewing Chad’s Blog Chad Is Rad, but Chad is also super active on his Instagram “@chadisrad” and has a Facebook page! Keep up with Charlotte’s Curated Gentlemen and don’t forget to give him a shout when you see him around town.




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