Make the Most out of Your Vacation days with Just Her Carryon

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Tia Johnson started her travel blog “Just Her Carryon” for the 9-5 types who want to make the most of their vacations days off. The wanderlust exerted in her blog centers around food and architecture. Her love for travel and exploring the places that are often less traveled make her travel blog a must read for all those who love to wander.

Just Her Carryon beginning

Tia is a Georgia native working in Charlotte, NC as a Business Development Manager for a non profit and owner/operator of Just Her Carryon who has spent a l
14721691_10154711724762193_2058722278274400501_not of time working on her career and working overtime. As she got older, she found herself asking what she had to show for all the sweat and tears she put into her job. “I just wanted to do more with my leisure time and have fun, memorable experiences. I wanted to share my travel knowledge and encourage people to get on the road, even if it’s just a short trip to the next county,” Tia says.  Tia moved to Charlotte with just an idea and a small following of around 30 followers on her social media account where she simply shared photos of her travels. Now Just Her Carryon shares travel tips, hotel and product recommendations and destination inspiration and has nearly 45,000 followers today.

Oh the places she’s gone

“I love sharing new places that aren’t exactly the hot spots that everyone is blogging about and bit more underrated. You don’t have to go to Paris and Bali to have fun,” Tia says. From local locations like Charleston or Georgia to places overseas like Jamaica or China, Tia’s blog features something for travelers in all budget ranges.

“I’d love for it to be a resource for new and seasoned travelers that feels comfortable and accessible,” Tia says. The purpose of her blog is to connect people with adventures and not to solely tour these gran1923648_23824327192_8104_nd destinations. However, Tia’s love for travel is also what drives her blog. Her favorite destination so far has been China where she spent two weeks in the South Sea and got to see China’s beautiful and more rural countryside. “I had a great time discovering authentic foods, touring Buddhist temples and hanging out seaside,” Tia tells us.


All of her travels, both international and local have given her a broader perspective that she shares with her readers. When she reflects
on all of the mistakes and lessons she has learned while traveling, she knows she can use that knowledge to save her readers some of upload (7)thehassles or hardships she had to endure. Tia’s growth through Just Her Carryon has given her more awareness of places she’s overlooked and how important it is that she spends her time in a way that enriches her life.


It’s all about the readers

Tia says that the support from her social media following really helped her launch Just Her Carryon, since her instagram account came first. “I have a great relationship with my Instagram followers and they are the absolute best. Their comments and questions will give me content for years. They are a riot!”


New Blog Alerts

This month on Just Her Carryon, you can read about Tia’s last trip to China, a city guide for her wonderful hometown of Augusta, Georgia and ways to pack your life into a carry-on. There’s also going to be a feature titled: How to survive a long-haul flight, which is a common question she’s asked. “There’s an art to staying sane in a confined space for 14+ hours,” Tia jokes.

Connect with Tia

Tia’s followers and readers truly matter to her. This traveler wants readers to feel open to DM her to grab coffee, take a day trip to Greenville or send a quick message for travel recommendations and advice. So feel free to reach out to her anytime! Don’t forget to add Just Her Carryon on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!

upload (8)

If you’re interested in working with Tia, you can also reach out to her for possible partnership opportunities. Tia has already partnered with businesses such as: The Ritz-Carlton, VineBox, Jord Watches, and the Marriot Hotel. Some of the ways Just Her Carryon has collaborated are:

  • Press/ Social Media Trips
  • Freelance Writing / Copywriting / Content Creation
  • Brand Ambassadorship / Partnerships / Advertising
  • Travel Itinerary Planning
  • Photography & Video Creation



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