The Charlotte Studio with the Best Value and Most Impact

Magnifying the strengths of others is something that can allow them to realize their true potential. For Tom Hill, owner and CEO of Fuzion Force in Charlotte and Concord, magnifying the talents of others is a skill he’s harnessed in his years of experience as a performer.zzz

Tom “Tommy Showbiz” Hill got his name and reputation right here in the “Queen City”. In Tom’s early days in the early 2000 he did dance battles in the downtown area clubs and grew to be someone in high demand to be hired as a hip hop show choreographer. He’s even created “B boy” events & battles and promoted celebrity parties. After accomplishing several goals in the dance world he then turned his attention to giving back to the youth in the city that inspired him to further his dreams. Now he teaches choreography, music, radio, and many other skills 5 nights a week to inner city kids at Fuzion Force.

What Fuzion Force Offers

Fuzion Force is unlike any studio you’ve heard of before, because it offers multiple kinds of classes and a mentoring aspect that you can’t find anywhere else. Some of the types of dance classes Fuzion Force does offer:home-image

  •  B-BOY

For class dates and times, please refer to our DANCE CALENDAR

There are also dance camps you can register for here!

Aside from Fuzion Force Classes, Tom rents out the studio at a really low rate to other groups in the area. “I am a huge supporter of small business. You can’t build a business without being able to afford the space you’re in and be able to rely on it consistently for your classes. Every group has to start somewhere, and they can’t do that unless they can afford a place to practice at,” says Tom. Some of the groups that use the studio space are: special needs dance class groups, salsa groups, zumba classes, and community socials. Tom believes it is important to really connect to the entire community.


Where Fuzion Force Started

Tom started Fuzion Force, because he wanted to create an organization that would give opportunities to the youth of Charlotte through the performing arts. Tom wants to pull kids out of trouble and give them an affordable way to practice and showcase their talents.


Tom started Fuzion Force 3 years ago teaching about 10-15 kids at a summer camp he created in a small space he leased. Now he teaches a crew of about 300 people in the Fuzion Force Studio. Tom started Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy to fulfill his passion for hip hop and his love for teaching kids to dance. In just a few years the studio has grown to be known as the top Hip Hop studio in the Charlotte area.


Tom keeps all of his rates very low for a purpose. The rates to take classes are the lowest around, and the rates for his consulting work are also low too. He wants children and teens to get opportunities at a rate their parents can actually afford. “Sometimes money keeps parents from affording the things they want to do to be the parents they want to be,” says Tom. Some of the courses are as cheap as $50 a month for lessons.

Free After School Jam 

Fuzion Force teaches dance classes in 10 schools in the city of Charlotte who can’t afford any after school groups or arts education. “In some of these schools, kids are leaving school and going back to shelters,” says Tom. Fuzion Force provides these students with dance classes for free. These students enter into the Fuzion Force awards, Fuzion Force’s own version of the Grammys! The winner gets $500 in cash prize to spend on the things they need at school. This isn’t just limited to performance related gifts; students can choose to fund anything, even laptops or robotic.

Tom talks about the impact this program has on the students attending, “These students are performing at pep rallies and in front of their communities. They’re learning to harness their skills and participate in things to help them get into college.” These students are exposed to top choreographers and material that they would never get if it weren’t for Fuzion Force.
Showcasing your talents

The performers at Fuzion Force compete in multiple performances throughout the year. The competitors compete like other dance studios do at various competitions, but they are different because they perform at many other events around Charlotte. Some performers perform frequently every month and others perform at some of the bigger competitions like nationals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Tom is very connected to so many people in the Charlotte community and the dance community. This allows for him to create opportunities for the Fuzion Force performers that they wouldn’t have at another studio. Tom’s dancers perform at Hornets games and even Panthers games.

14906939_927208940743269_3866695131085172188_nAt the end of every month dancers do a performance or concept video. Tom is aware that performing your talents is important and needs to take place more than once or twice a year. These frequent performances teach kids performance value and how to entertain the crowd. In addition to Tom’s connections with famous choreographers, he is also extremely connected to Charlotte. These connections allow him to have his performers dance at local games and even get mascots to come in to the Fuzion Force studio for free to teach his students things like backflipping. Tom has been hired to teach the Swarm Squad, Black and Blue Crew for the Panthers, the Hounds, and the Charlotte Knights dance, performance policy, and various procedures related to the teams.

What is important to know about Fuzion Force is that their hard work shows at every performance, especially Nationals. Nationals is a dance competition held once a year in Myrtle Beach. Not only does Fuzion Force win 1st place at hip hop regardless of what team or age they are competing with, but they also win overall best dancers. They come to nationals and beat the dancers at their own game. Nationals started off as being a place for ballet, tap dancing, and jazz. Fuzion Force places 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall beating organizations that have been open for ten or more years. “At a convention that is based around jazz tap ballet, we come in and beat them with hip hop, tumbling, Bboy, and step,” says Tom.

Tom believes in teaching his performers the skills needed to win. He teaches them how to work smarter not harder and how to improve on the feedback from the judges at competitions.


fuzion force elementzIn addition to performing and being taught choreography by Tom and other celebrity dancers and choreographers Tom is friends with, Fuzion Force offers an affordable performance convention titled Elementz. At Elementz kids are taught artistic development on the talent of their interest. Some come to work on their singing and others come for acting or dancing.

tom chuck draicoThrough connections with a dance group out of Gastonia that Tom coached, a connection was made with Chuck Maldonaldo, an award winning choreographer. Chuck has done choreography for 28 films, some being: Dream Girls and Stomp the Yard. Chuck and Tom partnered to create Elementz, the most inexpensive convention in the nation. This convention doesn’t just have popular choreographers, it has renown experienced choreographers from all over the country. Jamal Sims,  aakomon jones, and Dondraico Johnson are just a few choreographers that come to Elementz to teach. Tom has connections with a lot of powerful dance friends in the performance industry, and always utilizes his connections to give his Fuzion Force performers the top notch performance education they deserve. At every single convention a Fuzion Force dancer gets signed to a dance label, and that is how Tom gives back. @ELEMENTZDANCE

More than performance

fuzion force girl“Anyone can teach kids how to dance, but what sets us apart is our growth and development kids. Our directors are teachers in the school system, and we add so many aspects other than performance into our teaching,” Tom told us. Fuzion Force blends psychology, team-building, consistency, motivation, self discipline, and peer management into the arts in every studio session.

Right now there are also about 40 kids in Tom Hill’s personal mentoring program. Some members have medical barriers or disabilities. Some have chemical imbalances, mental and emotional conditions, or even self esteem issues. “It’s a beautiful thing to see them learn and grow. Some dancers have challenges and barriers that I feel we can support whether they are emotional, physical, psychological, or financial,” says Tom.


Joining Fuzion Force will allow you or your child to get expert education for the most value in the city. You’ll be getting to join a performance studio that will give you or your child the most impact for the lowest price. Fuzion Force offers top of the line education along with genuine mentors and a door to connections in the dance world. To join Fuzion Force, take a few classes, or just come by and check it out go to the Fuzion Force Website!

Don’t forget to connect with Fuzion Force on social media to keep up with all of the events and classes they have!

z fuzion

fuzion force where dance meets



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