Fueled by Coffee, Nurtured by Community: Smelly Cat Coffee

3stinkycatedit_1.jpgWe all know that NoDa’s Smelly Cat Coffeehouse is the place to go in Charlotte for great coffee, conversation, and Smelly Cat merch, but how did this place come to be?

Well, here’s the story

Smelly Cat’s evolution & success belongs to more than one individual. The story of Smelly Cat began with Richard and Dwight in 1999, when they devised the quirky name & hip design. These two front-runners converted a small brick building in the middle of a Charlotte mill neighborhood into The Smelly Cat Coffeehouse.

smelly cat jolly.jpgJolly Dale, a community minded business woman, carefully knitted together a loyal base of customers that lasts to this day.  Does that name sound familiar? That’s because Jolly is now the producer of the hit show The Walking Dead. On July 1, 2006, Jolly turned the keys over to the current owner, Cathy Tuman. Set to go with a solid base of style, name to remember, and community support, Smelly Cat’s pursuit for quality coffee for its loyal customers continued.

August 2012 marked the new era of fresh coffee for Smelly Cat with the installation of the Probat L12 vintage coffee roaster.  Smelly Cat focuses on making the best coffee around using the best origins and blends of coffee. All Smelly Cat coffee is organic and imported fair trade. The coffee beans start off as green coffee beans where they are then roasted and ground in the Smelly Cat warehouse in Charlotte. So coming to the Smelly Cat Coffeehouse isn’t just a tasty decision, it’s also a really smart one.

What they offer

At Smelly Cat you can get the best pour over coffee in the city. If for some odd reason you aren’t a pour over type of person, there are many other drinks to choose from. Smelly Cat offers hot and cold drinks, from Americanos to Chai or Espresso Shakes. If you’re feeling really daring, you can order the nitrogenated cold brew coffee on tap!

You can also grab a bite to eat at Smelly Cat. All baked goods sold are made in house in the kitchen, so no matter what you eat it will be guaranteed fresh! I recommend the zucchini bread next time you’re in NoDa. It’s both fluffy and spicy and the best I’ve had in all of North and South Carolina to date. If you have a favorite drink or pastry from the Smelly Cat, tweet @clttales with the hashtag #favatsmellycat and let us know for a chance to have your tweet featured in an upcoming post!

2stinky cat edit 2

For those people that would rather spend their money on merchandise than food, Smelly Cat sells some coffeehouse products for you! From brew ware like the pour over brewing kit to accessories and apparel, there is something for everyone! You can order merchandise in-store or online!

smelly cat edit clothes


Who comes to the Smelly Cat? Well, basically everyone. The customers coming to the coffeehouse during the week days are regulars, but the weekends bring in the tourists. Since NoDa itself becomes a tourist town on the weekends, the Smelly Cat gets it
s share of tourists as well. “Most people come to check out the store because of the name and its relation to the hit show F.R.I.E.N.D.S,” says the owner’s daughter Taylor Russell.

a smelly

Below is NoDa’s favorite artist, musician, and all around funky guy Funky Geezer, a Smelly Cat regular, enjoying a Smelly Cat Coffee this past Friday.

funky geaser with coffee 2nd

They deliver

Umm.. yes yes and more yes! “Experience our coffee…your place or ours,” is the motto at Smelly Cat.

You can enjoy Smelly Cat by placing an order for pickup when you stop in or order online. They can ship items like prepackaged coffee to anywhere you’d like! Smelly Cat even delivers hot coffee to a few select businesses around Charlotte.

smelly cat coffee rack

Social Media

Follow Smelly Cat on all of their social media accounts and never miss out on updates or cute photos of coffee and dogs!

Instagram: @smellycatcoffee

Twitter: @smellycatcoffee

Facebook: @smellycatcoffeehouse

Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/smelly-cat-coffee-charlotte


Drop in to Smelly Cat the next time you’re in NoDa and #DrinkCoffeeBeCool

smelly cat wall



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