Melissa Chanel: Edgy. Fun. Carefree.


The Melissa Chanel fashion and Style blog is a one-stop-shop of all things beauty, travel, and fashion for the girl on a budget. It’s a place where you can go to check out the latest trends and get expert tips on relevant topics like hair care or shopping on a budget! So who is the creator behind this blog? It’s the local content creator and social media maven Melissa Chanel Cantey.

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Filling the Voids

Melissa began her blog after a friend pushed her to get started. “I would spend hours answering Facebook messages people would send about hair care and fashion. Women would message me asking for date night outfits and if I approved or if I’d tried a certain hair care product. So one day my best friend was like, girl just start a blog and the rest was history,” says Melissa.

The purpose of Melissa Chanel is to inspire and empower women, which is a task Melissa has always kept prioritized. “I’ve always been passionate about women empowerment and wanting women to feel beautiful. That’s something my grandmother always instilled in me,” Melissa told us. So after graduating college, Melissa Chanel became Melissa’s creative outlet.


Topics and Favorites

Melissa’s favorite blog topics to write about are hair care and personal style tips. “It’s important to me to let every young girl and woman know how to take care of their natural hair. I want them to understand and accept the hair the way it grows from their scalp. You’d be surprised how many emails I get about hair up keep, deep conditioning, trimming, color, and the list goes on.”

In addition to hair care, you’ll also see a lot of blogs on Melissa Chanel centered around travel and fashion. “I love experiencing different foods and cultures so that’s why I talk about travel a lot on the blog. I’ve also been a fashion lover since middle school. So, adding in the blogs about my closet must-haves or new items I’ve added to my closet was a no brainier. Plus people really enjoy my style,” Melissa tells us.

She does it for her following

The reactions Melissa receives and the education she gets to share are some of the main things driving the passion behind Melissa Chanel. “I receive countless emails from women younger and older asking for tips, letting me know I inspire them, and sending words of encouragement. These readers keep me going, keep me focused, and they are the confirmation to let me know I’m living in my true purpose,” says Melissa.akiaandco_melissa1626

Melissa’s followers inspire her in so many ways, even down to the content shared on the Melissa Chanel blog. “It feels so good when I get messages from women saying that I inspire them or giving me ideas to write about. It pushes me even more. I make sure to add real life experiences, like a post I did here about juggling a 9-5 and a blog,” Melissa tells us.

In addition to real life experiences, Melissa also brings the real her to her website. Many bloggers only post photos of themselves completely done up or in a full face of makeup, but Melissa likes to stay true to her following. “I feel like my readers and social media followers need to see the real me. I’m a human and I’m not always “ON” or put together perfectly,” says Melissa.



Melissa Chanel’s Charlotte Presence

In addition to blogging, Melissa also spends much of her time around Charlotte. Melissa was on a panel at a Dear Sister brunch in January, where she spoke to the women of North Carolina about her journey as a brand ambassador for a natural hair care company and inspiring women to follow their dreams and do what they want to do in life.  “It was so amazing to see so many women coming together to discuss their passion. I can’t wait until the founder Jamie has another one,” Melissa said.

Melissa also made an appearance at the World Natural Hair Show to chat about the Cantu hair care lines, and was on another brunch panel put on by Pretty Girl, Smarter Woman called Level Up, Sis.

Other than empowering women and covering our feeds with some seriously edgy and enticing content, Melissa loves to travel, talk on the phone to her girls, practice her photography skills, and head to the beach!


The future of Melissa Chanel

Melissa wants her blog to expand outside of its current audience. “I’d love to reach people not only in the U.S., but other countries. I’m focusing on content right now so as I add more content to the blow I know my audience size will grow with it,” says Melissa.


For now, you can check out Melissa’s blog at Melissa Chanel to keep up with her new content! Don’t forget to follow her on social media as well.

Instagram: @melissachanel 

Twitter: @melissachanel2

Facebook: @themelissachanel

Pinterest: @melissachanel2




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