Flight’s Drunken Spelling Bee has Buzz City Slurring their Words

iHave a desire to reclam or gain the best speller award you got or desperately wanted to get back in grade school? Maybe you just want to get drunk with your people and have fun attempting to spell words you probably would find difficult sober? Either way Flight’s Drunken Spelling Bee is the ongoing event you’re gonna want to come out to this Friday, May 26th.

On the last Friday of every month Flight Beer and Music Hall hosts  this hilarious event where locals can either participate or watch others try and spell words while drinking. The winner of the night will receive multiple prizes!

It’s free to enter, and the sign up will be the day of from 5:00-6:30 pm. If you want to sign up beforehand just shoot an email to Stephanie@flightclt.com .



Flight Beer and Music Hall
314 north college st charotte, NC 28202
Phone: 980-474-1511 | 980-474-1511

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