A Recap of the Charlotte City Council Straw Votes Session

DAnpmP4W0AAL6WSYesterday Charlotte City Council completed the Straw Votes Session, the final step in the budget process. Although it can be difficult to locate information regarding your city’s budgeting process, it is an awfully important topic to keep up with. During the process, your city council discusses and votes on which programs and initiatives receive funding from the city. This decision could affect your family, schooling, environment and so much more. To get caught up to date with your city’s budget, here’s a recap of yesterday’s straw votes session.

A few weeks ago City Council met to discuss changes they wanted to see in the City Manager’s recommended budget. The Charlotte City Manager releases a recommended budget every year of what they think should be funded by the city, based off of the needs of the city. Yesterday City Council received additional information on the items previously discussed in the last budget session to better make decision on them. Each City Council member took a vote on whether or not items would move forward as an official change to the City Manager’s recommendation. Those receiving at least six votes moved forward.

The session began with discussion on the sources of money the city would be tapping into to fund the new items on the budget requesting a funding increase from the city. After council members voiced their concerns, the items up for debate were voted on.

The amendments to the City Manager’s recommended budget that were being voted on were:

  1. Add one additional Code Enforcement Crew- $250,000
  2. Add $250,000 to the Arts & Science Council
  3. Support the implementation of Paid Parental Leave for City employees
  4. Add $38,000 to Crisis Assistance Ministries, which would fully fund their FY 2018 request
  5. Add $50,000 to help fund the relocation of the Siloam School to the Charlotte Museum of History
  6. Add $25,000 to support the Centralina Economic Development Commission’s Career Headlight initiative
  7. Add funding to help protect the City’s tree canopy
  8. Add $50,000 to support YMCA summer programming for teens


All 8 amendments to the manager’s budget received at least 6 votes and moved forward an official change to the City Manager’s recommendation. To view more information on these amendments, view the full pdf here.

The last step of the budget process is the Council Budget Adoption,which will occur on June 12th at 7:00 p.m. Go to the City of Charlotte’s Strategy & Budget website to follow up on all the news about the FY18 city budget.

Helpful links

  • Find out who represents your district here
  • Speak at a council meeting here
  • Council meeting minutes here
  • Main City of Charlotte website here




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