Charlotte’s Vision Zero Initiative will Reduce Traffic-Related Fatalities

The city’s updated Transportation Action Plan, a long-range policy plan the City Council adopted in February, says the city will implement a Vision Zero initiative to combine engineering, public education, community engagement and adopt enforcement tools to reduce traffic-related fatalities and injuries.

The goal of Vision Zero is to end traffic deaths and serious injuries. It began in 1994 in Sweden, which today has one of the world’s lowest traffic-related fatality rates. Major U.S. cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and New York City have implemented variations of the

Source: City of Charlotte

The Vision Zero initiative would aim to develop a comprehensive plan in conjunction with engineering, community outreach, education, and possible speed and red-light traffic camera enforcement. Since 2012 the total number of crashes has more than doubled to more than 30,000 a year, according to information given to the council members who met in early May to discuss this matter. The journey to creating safety on the roads of Charlotte is more important now than ever.





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