Sneak Peak at Gendered- An Inclusive Art Show


The Young Affiliates of the Mint (the “YAMs”) have their second annual art show coming this month titled, GENDERED: An Inclusive Art Show.

GENDERED seeks to create an inclusive arts forum for gender and its common intersectionalities with race, class, sexuality, and identity. The current divisive political climate finds people seeking a means to come together and find a common understanding. The YAMs believe in the unifying force of art and seek to create a safe space of expression and dialogue. GENDERED is a group exhibition featuring twenty-four artists from across the country and representing a variety of viewpoints through diverse mediums that invites viewers to join the conversation.

GENDERED was created with great purpose. “In just a few short years, the United States has seen legislation regarding LGBTQ equality, the first female presidential nominee, broadened definitions of gender identity, and the evolution of masculinity and femininity in the home and workforce. While American attitudes towards gender have become increasingly progressive, there still persists gender and sexuality discrimination. Gendered seeks to create an inclusive arts forum for gender and its common intersectionalities with race, class, sexuality, and identity,” stated by the Young Affiliates of the Mint on their website.

Sneak Peak

So what kinds of artwork can we expect to see at the exhibition opening? Well here’s a sneak peak of a few pieces of art from some extremely talented artists.Permanent One Time Use.jpgCeleste Wilson-Permanent One Time Use-2016, 54”x78”, 7 plastic table cloths, frame


Cecil (1).jpgD’Angelo Williams-Cecil, Archival Inkjet Print, 2016


Copy of Korver, Justin- To Male PhysiqueJustin Korver-To Male Physique, Trophies, oak, stain, paint, and paneling


Copy of 01_bulldog_2_6x8

Betsy Odom-Bulldog 2 (spacesuit), 2009, 64 x 12 x 30” gatorade coolers, canvas, mesh, silicone bracelets, bandages, etc.


Copy of The_ShechtingShterna Goldbloom-The Shechting, Photography, Print. 2016. 20″ x 15″


Copy of Sam AtwellStudio 345-Sam Atwell, Digital Print, 2017


WomenRobyn Day-Wo/men, Archival Pigment Print, 2015/2016

Other Featured Artist

  • Jeremy Brooks
  • Wendell Brown
  • Greg Climer
  • Ani Collier
  • Margaret Curtis
  • Stacey Davidson
  • Robyn Day
  • Lisa DeLoria Weinblatt
  • Holly Fischer
  • Shterna Goldbloom
  • Gordon C. James
  • Mariah Karson
  • Justin Korver
  • Indrani Nayar-Gall
  • Betsy Odom
  • Austin Power
  • Stacey Rexrode
  • Santiago Sanchez
  • Anna Wehrwein
  • D’Angelo Williams
  • Holly Wilson
  • Celeste Wilson
  • Guanyu Xu
  • Studio 345.


  • Dates- June 16 – July 21, 2017
  • Location: Mint Museum Uptown
    Level 5 Expansion Space
  • June 16, 6-10pm: Opening Night
    June 28, 6pm: Artist Panel (moderated by Adam Justice).
  • The featured works of art were selected by a panel of esteemed jurors: Kelli Connell, Ryan James Caruthers, John Edmonds, & Carla Hanzal.



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