Meet the Charlotte Organization Helping Youth Find Shelter and Support

The Relatives

The Relatives is a local system of resources that helps children and youth find shelter and support. Serving as the Safe Place agency for Mecklenburg County and the surrounding areas, The Relatives partners with local businesses to ensure young people in need have access to immediate help and supportive resources.


Programs like The Relatives Youth Crisis Center, the On Ramp Resource Center and Journey Place Transitional Residence keep kids safe and families together in our community.

The Relatives also partners with the National Safe Place to create a local network of businesses, churches, schools, transportation services, and community locations that were willing to post Safe signs and identify as a place for youth in crisis to get help. Any child or teen can ask for help at a Safe Place location and be connected to the Youth Crisis Center. The Relatives uses the Safe Place program to extend its reach to more youth, and it gives youth-friendly locations the opportunity to share in creating a community where youth have easy access to safety when they need it.


In addition, The relatives has a program called NeighborCare and parenting classes.  If you are having a medical emergency and you have no care for your children, NeighborCare can find temporary care while you seek the help you need.  NeighborCare is a system of community agencies that can partner to find care for your children so you can be healthy and they can be safe.  Participating in NeighborCare can prevent DSS involvement if your children are left alone.

The Relatives History

The Relatives was founded in 1974 by members of the Dilworth Methodist Church and first operated in the basement of that church. The name of the organization came from the youth staying there. They suggested The Relatives, because they said they were telling their friends they were staying “with relatives.” Seemed logical, so the name stuck.

After the program outgrew the church property, it moved to a home on East Boulevard where it continued operating until the mid-1980s when it opened in its current location at 1100 East Boulevard.

The Relatives became a part of the Alexander Youth Network. Both of these organizations are 501(c)(3) North Carolina nonprofit corporations and are accredited by the Joint Commission.


Connect with The Relatives

Interested in connecting? Find The Relatives on social media or contact them via phone!

Instagram: the_relatives

Twitter: @TheRelativesInc

Youtube: here

Facebook:  @TheRelativesInc



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