Win Two Spreads from Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

CLT tales is partnering with Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen for a CLT tales giveaway through social media where the winner will win two Chef Alyssa’s Spreads!

Chef Alyssa’s Spreads have been crafted by Chef Alyssa herself and represent the style of food she loves to create: healthy, light, fresh and all-natural.


How to Enter

apple-touch-icon-192x192Enter by Twitter: To enter on Twitter you can follow @clttales & @ChefAlyssaCLT and Retweet any tweet about the CLT tales giveaway with Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen!


24-instagram-down.w190.h190.2xEnter by Instagram: Follow @clttales & @ChefAlyssaCLT and tag a friend in any post about the CLT tales giveaway with Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen.


About the giveaway 

The giveaway will continue on apple-touch-icon-192x192Twitter and 24-instagram-down.w190.h190.2xInstagram now until Tuesday, July 11th! When the winner is chosen they will be contacted by CLT tales and given the Chef Alyssa’s Spreads!

Within a span of two weeks the winner will be contacted for a brief interview about their opinion on the spreads they received. This interview, along with a few photos of either the product on food items they used, themselves, or other photos, will be featured in a short article on CLT tales.

Enter to win via Twitter or Instagram today!

Win two spreads from

Uses for Chef Alyssa’s Spreads

Smoked Chili and Rosemary Mustard Spread

Try it as a rub on salmon, chicken, or pork loin

Mix with olive oil for a salad dressing

Spread or Dip with pretzels, charcuterie and sandwiches

Champagne- Tomato Jam

Spread on grilled cheese, sandwiches and crackers

Top grilled veggies like squash or okra

Finish meats such as brisket and prime rib

More about Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen offers good food, new recipes, and a great time! This kitchen is all about sharing and enjoying the art of cooking new and healthy food in unique cooking classes held by Chef Alyssa herself at Atherton Market in South End.

There are 5 different culinary ability levels available for participants to sign up for. You can also sign up for a private class for you and your friends! This makes for great private parties, work events, or even a girls night! You can even bring your own wine or beer to sip, and if you’re looking for that perfect gift – grab a Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen Gift Card!

Register for a class here!



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