Meet the Local Charlotte Writer Using her Platform to Save Lives

“I believe that the more people that can get behind the #JustPerfect message, the more lives we can change and possibly save.”

Kimberly Roberts may appear to be just your average fabulous mother of two, wife, and business woman, but once you learn about her journey, it’s apparent that her life has been far from typical. Although Kimberly does live life as a full-time mom, the adversity she has faced has lead her to being the children’s book author and public speaker that she’s blossomed into today.


The path to becoming a writer for Kimberly was one with many bumps turns, but also with many triumphs. After years of struggling with her mental health and the tragic event that stemmed from the mental health of her partner at the time, Kimberly stepped onto the road of recovery.

 “It’s been a long journey. Thirteen years ago I didn’t think I would be an author, I actually didn’t think I would amount to anything. I battled with depression, constantly struggling with self-worth. I was in and out of mental health hospitals, with my last admission because of a major attempt on my life. After that, I made a commitment to live. Unfortunately on my road to recovery, my boyfriend, had similar struggles and succeeded in his attempt to take his life. He was only seventeen years young. You can imagine my devastation, but ultimately it pushed even me more to my own recovery,” tells Kimberly.

Although Kimberly has gone through such trying situations, she sees them as moments that have lead her to where she is now.

“Since then the journey has been rocky, but always inching forward. I was very fortunate to start dating my husband early on; he has been my rock for eleven years now. At the same time only you can make the journey to self love and I’m still working on that daily,” tells Kimberly.


The strength that Kimberly possess not only emerges from her battles and experiences with depression, but it also comes from her two daughters. 

“When my daughter, Brooklyn came into my life, I knew I needed to be honest about my struggles and hoped that she would see strength in me. Then when God decided to give me another little girl, I took it as a sign. It pushed me to become public and to actively do something,” says Kimberly.


After Kimberly’s daughters were born, she delved into writing. Written and illustrated by Kimberly,  Just Perfect was created and published.

The process of writing  Just Perfect was unplanned and happened suddenly. Kimberly started with a message and a vision, and worked hard to bring it to life.

“I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. Once the book’s message came into fruition, I knew this was the path for me. I knew I would create children’s books, where parents could find a cute and fun way to talk about the self-doubts we all too often face in our teenage years. It has also been a long time hope of mine to start a foundation to coincide with my mission to give back to charities that support children’s futures. I want children to know that it’s okay to be different and you need to stick around to figure out what your place is. You never know what tomorrow is going to bring.

About Just Perfect


Just Perfect is a story about a ballerina and her mother that have a life lesson to share. Using animal characteristics, Just Perfect is about a young female who isn’t happy with her body. She speaks to her mother and highlights each feature. Her mother then returns the conversation by stating how each part of her body is just perfect for certain things, ultimately a ballerina. The underlying point being that we are perfect just for being ourselves. 

 “All too frequently girls look at themselves in the mirror and see hippo bellies or flamingo legs. The loving mother in Just Perfect reminds her daughter that her body is perfect just the way it is,” says Kimberly.


What success means to Kimberly

Although Kimberly’s journey of creating a book hasn’t been easy, she tries to focus on the three successes she has already accomplished: creating a book that her daughters can learn from, raising money for foundations she cares about, and making meaningful connections to others who have struggled with depression in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has lived for the past nine years.

Kimberly values creating a book that she can put in her girls’ room, a book that she can be proud of when she reads it to them.


She values the money she has raised through her book launch that went to the NC Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), an organization that she admires and values dearly. Kimberly talks about how losing her boyfriend to suicide impacts her drive to work with AFSP, “Every time I interact with AFSP,  l always feel as though I’m doing work in his honor, along with many who have left the world in this way.”

Faith to survive and inspire

What truly inspires Kimberly and gives her the faith to follow her mission is her will to live the most healthy and happy life she can. “Doctor’s said it was amazing I survived my last suicidal attempt. That has always been my driver. It’s been my driver to live, to get mentally stable and to share my story, to make a difference. I have this faith that I survived for a reason,” says Kimberly.

The children’s books are just one piece to the puzzle. I am also scheduling speaking engagements to talk about my personal journey in hopes to inspire those who a little inspiration to stick around.


Future books

Kimberly is currently working on a boy version of this book, to help boys who suffer with body image issues. “I think we tend to be more vocal about it with girls, but that makes it all more important to talk about it with our boys. They tend to suffer quietly and they too need to understand that they are Just Super, ” says Kimberly.

Ordering and Book Signings

You can order the book on Amazon and also on Kimberly’s website at

She has also created shirts and onesies to promote the #JustPerfect message. Don’t forget that five percent of all profits go to charity.  

Kimberly has a book signing at Sleepy Poet on July 22nd, from 10-12. Follow Kimberly on social media (see bottom of page) for more details about this book signing!


Letting our pain teach us new things is a skill that takes a lifetime to hone. Kimberly hopes to continue to use the experiences she has to spread her mission of creating stories that promote powerful positive messages about self love.

“The successes along the way will be the stories that are shared about what I’m doing, such as this. Because the more people that can get behind the #JustPerfect message, I believe the more lives we can change and possibly save,” says Kimberly.

Keep up with Kimberly

Social media accounts: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram


2 thoughts on “Meet the Local Charlotte Writer Using her Platform to Save Lives

    1. Her story is amazing, and writing this feature was an absolute pleasure, especially knowing that others even just viewing this interview who may be struggling can see a little bit of themselves in her and have hope.


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