What GENDERED was Like and Why you Should go

GENDERED: an inclusive art show will be at the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte June 16 – July 21, 2017. Friday, June 16th The Young Affiliates of the Mint Museum hosted GENDERED’s opening night event.

Walking into the room you’re greeted by smiling faces and laughter as guests walk the room exploring the pieces of art and engaging in conversation about their varying interpretations of each piece. When you look to the left you see a grid of portraits of shirtless men titled, “Modern David” by Mariah Karson made from archival ink jet prints. This raw and vulnerable set of photos of strong men, all by the name of David, draws you in as you enter GENDERED: an inclusive art show. Through artistic mediums such as photography, painting, quilting, sculpting and videography, GENDERED explores the spectrum of gender and the experiences of individuals with their gender through works of art.


Interview with an attendee

Haven’t been to GENDERED yet? Check out this interview with Kayla Cho, a talented artist who identifies as non-binary.



2.pngWhy did you attend GENDERED?

“I attended GENDERED because I am an artist who identifies as non-binary. I was elated to see this theme in Charlotte.” 


2What is something that you loved about the show’s atmosphere?

“I really enjoyed the lighting in the exhibit, especially on Justin Korver’s installation “To Male Physique”. While the big fans kept us cool, I also noticed how the wind played with a couple pieces in the show. That was my first time at the Mint; it’s beautiful. I loved the big windows and being able to see the surrounding buildings along with the art. I traveled from Belmont, NC for the opening!”


2Do you have any favorite pieces of art work that you saw at the art show?

“I loved the Modern David series, Seeded,  Greg Climer’s works and To Male Physique.”

Greg Climer: Man in Bed, Quilt made of pieced cotton fabric, 2013
Justin Korver: To Male Physique, Trophies, oak, stain, paint, and paneling, 2016


2Why do you think an art show like GENDERED is important for others to see?

“I was elated to see the gender theme in Charlotte because I personally think that the majority of the people in this area don’t understand the concept of gender, that it’s constructive. I’m glad there was an opportunity for Charlotteans to see the exploration of gender through art.”


2Did GENDERED inspire you in any way?

“It did! I would have applied to the show if I knew about it. Seeing these other works inspired me to continue on and push forward with my works because I know it can be appreciated.”


2How would you describe the GENDERED art show to others?

“GENDERED is a show that explores gender with the awareness of intersectionality.”


GENDERED: an inclusive art show is still on display at the Mint Museum in Uptown right now and will be until July 21st of this year! For more information on GENDERED, click here

Nude Self Portrait by Santiago Sanchez (Ink Jet Print)

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