How to use Charlotte B-cycle

Charlotte B-cycle is one of the largest urban bike sharing systems in the Southeast. With 200 blue bikes and 24 stations strategically placed throughout Uptown and surrounding neighborhoods from JCSU to Freedom Park, these B-Stations are easy to get to.. but how do you even start the process of renting a B-cycle?

Well, we did some research and made it simple for you!


First start by purchasing an access pass at the B-station or online!

Types of passes for B-cycle you can buy:

  •  24-Hour Pass $8.00 
  •  YMCA Fitness Challenge $65.00 
  •  5 Month Student Membership $15.00 
  •  Seasonal Pass $50.00 
  •  Annual Membership $65.00 
  •  Sponsorship Member $100.00 

Plan your trip

Once you purchase the type of pass you want, plan your journey! Planning a trip on B-cycle is easy, because of the B-station map online and the downloadable map you can print out and take with you! You can choose a starting point and end at any of the other B-stations that are closer to your final destination. You don’t need to return your B-cycle back to the station you originally got it from.

bcycle map.JPG


If you don’t have your own helmet, you’ll need to contact a staff member! If you need to pick up a helmet or meet with a staff member! Call 704-332-9585.

How to get the most out of your one day pass

Choosing the 24 hour pass only costs $8! You have 30 minutes from the time you take your B-cycle out to return it to one of the B-stations. The amount of time is limited, because B-cycle is supposed to be a “bike share” and not a “bike rental” service. It is designed to be primarily for transportation.

There is a way to use your one day pass all day, as long as you follow a few guidelines. Once you buy your day pass, you can take an unlimited number of trips during your access period. All trips 30 minutes or less are included in the cost of your access pass. So as long as you take your B-cycle back to a station every 30 minutes, you can have it all day!

So once you rent your B-cycle  you can continue to ride a bike all day, as long as you return it to a B-cycle location every 30 minutes.

If you happen to go over the 30 minutes without taking your bike back to a bike share, you’ll be charged $4 for every additional 30 minutes. Taking your bike back to check it in is the step that you’ll need to take to make sure your all day pass remains only at $8.

Popular destinations

Unsure of where to bike to while uptown? Check out these popular Artsy destinations below! Click on the image to see the enlarged image and learn more.


Returning your bike

Return your B-cycle to any of the B-cycle stations once your selected time is up!


Purchase your pass and skip taking public transportation or walking to get around uptown today!

Charlotte B-cycle.png


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