Flow to the Rhythm with Charlotte’s Hip Hop Inspired Yoga Studio


Where TRIBE Began2

For Ariail Siggins, Owner of TRIBE Yoga, starting a yoga business was a way of blending her two passions: yoga and branding. Ariail got a degree in both, had a love for both, but lacked an outlet that combined the both.Β “I wanted a way to experiment with a brand of my own, while also spreading my love of yoga and gaining experience teaching a fun, new style,” says Ariail. Two coworkers helped launch the brand and two yoga teachers jump on board to start teaching with Siggins. “Having this support system, who never for a second thought I was crazy, has been a true blessing,” says Ariail.


Goals for TRIBE2

Ariail’s goals for those who attend a TRIBE Yoga class are the goals that drive the organization. “I want everyone to leave our classes feeling strong, and capable, and seen. In a world where there is constant competition, I want to create a space where people feel like they can be their best self without the fear of failure,” says Ariail, “I don’t care if you can do a handstand. I don’t care if you can do crow float back. What I care about is effort, and energy, and community.”

With that being said, TRIBE is a place for yogis at all different levels! “All levels are welcome!” says Ariail,”We will meet you where you’re at and support the newest yogi, while also challenging the experienced. A general amount of physical fitness is required to keep up with our fast paced flow, but the majority of our classes are not held in heated studios so we invite anyone to come try.” Whether you are just starting out or a pro-yogi, there is a place for you at TRIBE!

A Typical TRIBE Class2

Tribe Yoga Class.JPG

A typical yoga class at TRIBE is loud, high energy, inspiring, and challenging. The yoga instructor is going to push you every single time you show up on your mat because they believe that the strongest, best version of yourself is in there.

Attending a class at TRIBE will be different than any other yoga class you’ve taken in Charlotte. “Our classes differ from other classes in the biggest way due to music,” says Ariail, “We flow to fast paced tracks that include a lot of words, so to counteract that we don’t cue as much and use sequencing that builds and is easy to pick up. Our playlists feature hip hop new and old, as well as few of your favorite pop hits that will keep you flowing and sweating to the beat.” Β TRIBE wants to attract people who generally shy away from yoga because they think it’s too quiet or that the music is too boring.

TRIBE also differs from other yoga studies because they don’t have a physical brick and mortar location. TRIBE generally partners with studio spaces around the city as a way to keep drop-in prices down and be accessible to a wide range of people.

Lastly, the instructors and staff at TRIBE work there because of their passion, not their livelihood. All of the TRIBE teachers, including Ariail, work full time jobs. “We’re part of TRIBE because we believe in the Charlotte community and want to foster self-worth across the city,” says Ariail. When taking a class with TRIBE, know that teaching at TRIBE and balancing it with a full time job is a choice all instructors make based on their authentic love for yoga, mindfulness, and self care.


For Ariail, balancing the management of TRIBE with her day job boils down to time being her biggest adversary. “Starting a business is never easy, it takes a lot of time and energy and gumption. I work a demanding day job and finding the time to make connections, line up space, get teachers scheduled, build a website, and have a presence on social media,” says Siggins.

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Mantras and Quotes to Live By2

Ariail has certain mantras and quotes that she not only lives by, but also promotes in her yoga classes. “This is for you” is Ariail’s personal mantra that she repeats to herself at the beginning of every yoga class she has ever taken. “It reminds me that my mat is where I take care of me, and by taking care of me I’m able to better serve those around me,” says Ariail. Siggins believes that society needs to foster the concept that taking care of yourself is not only “okay”, but is also a huge cornerstone of happiness and personal self-worth.

Another quote that Ariail incorporates into her life is “Jump off, and grow wings on the way down”. This quote speaks to Ariail and reminds her that she shouldn’t be afraid to take risk and fail. “If you’re brave enough to give it a chance, everything will work out. That doesn’t mean you will always succeed, but it’s always worth the risk,” Arial believes.

During TRIBE classes, frequent words of wisdom are said throughout the yoga session. Instructors often repeat to the class “do you”, meaning, don’t be afraid to be your authentic self and don’t ever hide who you are from the world. “You don’t have to be like anyone else around you to be 100% perfect. I close all of my classes with the following saying that kind of goes with this ‘know your worth, speak your truth, spread your love'”.

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