5 Things UNCC Students Need to Know About the New Campus Bike Share

This July, UNCC launched Charlotte Wheels, the new campus bike share system for UNCC students, faculty and staff! Here are 5 things that every UNCC student should know about this new bike share!

1. You use it through an easy app

Charlotte Wheels, is run by a company called Gotcha Bike. The Gotcha Bike app lets students reserve and return the bikes using their smartphone or their computer. With just a tap of your finger you can arrive on time to that English class or lunch with your professor that you might be late to if you walked.

2. It’s FREE

Yes.. FREE! It may actually be one of the only things you won’t have to pay for on campus. For bike rides under 1 hour, you can rent your Gotcha Bike for absolutely no charge. If you don’t need to use Charlotte Wheels for getting to class, you can use it for an hour of fun, as long as your ride is under 60 minutes!

3. You can purchase a pass

Although riding from one destination to another is totally free, riders who wish to use a bike for more than an hour must purchase a bike pass. With the purchase of a $30 membership, you may ride up to 2 hours every single day.

4. It’s different from Charlotte B-Cycle

Charlotte’s B-CycleΒ is a large bike share system with overΒ 20 stations and 200 bikes in uptown. As previously mentioned, Gotcha Bikes are completely free for the first hour! Charlotte’s B-Cycle also has stations that allow you to tap your credit card or B-Cycle card at the station to pay for your trip. Since Gotcha Bikes work through an app, you simply punch in your 4 digit code to reserve a bike.

5. You can take breaks on your trip

The great thing about Charlotte Wheels is that Gotcha Bikes allow you to pause your trip! If you need to stop in to grab something from your dorm or pick up a cup of coffee before heading over to the library, you can simply hit “hold” on your bike and lock it at any Charlotte Wheels rack nearby!

So 49ers, choose a destination, check out what bicycles are available using the interactive map, and start riding!






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