CLT Brewery Tours Mobilizes the Craft Brewery Scene in Charlotte

CLT Brewery Tours is a local business created based on a deep love for both craft beer and the local brewery scene. Attendees will hop on George (the name of the tour bus) and take the ultimate brewery tour around the Queen City, enjoying local brews and learning all about the Charlotte Brewery Scene and history!

Where it all began

group photoIt is not a secret that Charlotte has some of the best breweries in the United States. Knowing this, a group of close friends Liz Nutter, Nick Campo, and Benjamin Singleton decided it was time to create a business that both shows them the recognition they deserve and also makes traveling to each brewery easier.

The idea to start the company arose when Liz took boyfriend Nick on a trip up to Asheville to brewery hop. They started at Sierra Nevada and ended at New Belgium, hitting many others in between. After they returned home to the Queen City, they reflected on their trip and thought about how nice it would be to have transportation to the breweries in Charlotte that they love so much.

The idea of transportation from breweries gave Nick the idea of a brewery tour bus that could be made by fixing up an old school bus. After consulting with Ben and Liz about it, they all agreed to purchase George in April and name the tour bus after Queen Charlotte’s husband King George. With the bus number changed to 1738,  the year King George was born, the CLT Brewery Tours bus was now truly representing the Queen City.

What to expect on the CLT Brewery Tour

Each Brewster (those touring with CLT Brewery Tours) who hops aboard George will go back to the roots of how Charlotte first started creating a major craft beer scene. You will get a history behind the craft beer in the Queen City, a behind the scene look of how and why each brewery started, as well as a behind the scenes look at how some of our local breweries make their beer! In addition, each brewster will receive prizes, giveaways, and of course tasting from the breweries!

Why CLT Brewery Tours is different

CLT Brewery Tours is the only truly local brewery tour with local Charlotteans running it there is. “We live in Charlotte and have a vested interest in our city,” the staff explains, “We promote love for Charlotte, give knowledge of our Charlotte brewery scene, and who else has a massive customized school bus?” In addition, CLT Brewery Tours also donates a percentage of their proceeds to local non-profit organizations based on their love for their local community and desire to help. Their love for their city and passion to create a business that supports other Charlotte businesses and people is what truly sets CLT Brewery Tours apart from other related businesses.



When asked about challenges the creators of CLT Brewery Tours have faced with the process of starting their business, most obstacles were brought on by the transformation of the brewery tour bus. “We have faced a ton of obstacles! First and foremost redesigning the entire instead of George (our bus). This isn’t your normal school bus; the entire inside has been completely customized for passengers on our tours, corporate events, and tailgate events,” says CLT Brewery Tour Staff.

Fixing George up also came with air conditioning issues and wiring issues. Have no fear, this Brewery tour bus is up and running and ready for business!


What they hope to accomplish

When asked about what outcome Liz, Nick and Ben want for their business, they explained that their goals lay with both the local beer lovers and breweries in Charlotte, “Our hope is that everyone wants to come back for more to learn about every brewery Charlotte has to offer. We want our “Brewsters” to feel like a Charlotte beer genius when they exit George. We want them to have a better understanding of the Charlotte brewery scene, but also know a little more about Charlotte’s history.”

The CLT Brewery Tour staff also hopes that every tour brings people together. “We hope people can come together over their love for craft beer and the QC, while creating a bond with our staff and the other Brewsters on the tour,” the staff explained,
“Love your city and drink local is our motto!”

Not only does the CLT Brewery Tour team believe in drinking local, but they also believe in making the locals happy! “The smiles on the breweries faces when we come to explain what we are trying to do here in Charlotte with the local brewery scene is one of our favorite parts about this business!,” says the CLT Brewery Tours team, “The amount of support and excitement there is already with local businesses and anyone we have come in contact with is also amazing.”

The Big Launch

The Official Launch for people to purchase tickets and tour on George is Labor Day weekend, September 4th. Tickets will be available for tours starting Friday Sept. 1st all the way through September 4th.

Although the official kick-off isn’t until September, they are going to be hosting kick-off parties with local breweries leading up to the official launch date throughout the rest of the month. This Saturday, August 5th, CLT Brewery Tours has their first kick-off party at Three Spirits Brewery from 12 to 4 p.m. So, come out and enjoy free food, music, games, free raffles, and of course beer!

CLT Brewery Tours will also be teaming up with Triple C brewery August 19th for one of these kick-off block parties. During the Panthers pre-season, CLT Brewery Tours will also have be tailgating with you! Keep an eye out for George during the regular football season as well!

To stay up to date, check out all of the CLT Brewery Tours social media accounts (see bottom of page).

Pricing and Packages

Currently, there are 4 CLT Brewery Tours packages available after the company launches. You can choose  to purchase a Basic Tour, VIP Tour, Group Tailgate Package, and a Premier Tailgate Package. Each tour takes you to different locations and gifts you different items!


Stay Informed

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