CLT tales Giveaways

Giveaway for VIP tickets to Gendered: an inclusive art show by the Young Affiliates of the Mint at the Mint Museum in Uptown. Tickets to the VIP hour for Gendered give you the chance to meet the artists in attendance and members of the young affiliates before guests fill the room for the start of the event.

CLT tales Giveaway (2).png


  1. Tweet out: I want to win VIP tickets to Gendered by the @youngaffiliates in the @clttales Giveaway! #clttalesgiveaway
  2. Follow @clttales on Twitter
  3. Wait for CLT tales to contact you if you won
  4. Attend Gendered: an inclusive art show at the Mint Museum between June 16th- July 21st with the VIP tickets that you won. The VIP tickets allow you to come earlier before the
  5. Participate in an interview with CLT tales about your experience with the show and get featured on our website in an article!