Welcome to CLT Tales! The tales of your city are the stories behind everything you do there, including local business. CLT Tales features interviews and conversations with passionate business owners and really really talented and creative people. Our goal is to shed light on the talent and drive here in the Queen City by featuring the stories and personal experiences of the business owners and creative people behind the Charlotte business scene.


How it Started


CLT tales began when local UNCC graduate student Allyson Beetham decided that there should be a local news platform that sheds light on all of the local businesses and passionate individuals here in the Queen City. Scrolling through countless stories on local websites with topics about eating expensive steaks in uptown or spending a whole evening sampling seafood began to bring frustration to Allyson. In a city with so many passionate business owners and creative people, she felt that a website that was primarily focused on voicing the stories of these people was missing.

“The stories being shared about spending hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant or living in luxury apartments in uptown are probably very interesting for some people who can afford it every weekend, but for the rest of the population in Charlotte, there is a craving for deeper content and relateable stories,” says Allyson.

The material on CLT tales is centered around local business topics like, “Health and Body“, “Advocacy and Service“, “food” and more. “I have always been passionate about lifting up the voices of the experiences people have, because they are all so diverse. That is the only way we truly learn and see a new perspective,” says Allyson, who hopes that CLT tales will be a place for readers to go to to learn about their local community and all of the diversity that exists in it, both on a business level and an individual level.

Interested in being featured or want to learn more? Shoot us an email at clttales@gmail.com!